Fantasy Land Gang Bangs

Fantasy Land Gang Bangs
Friday, 24 September 2010
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  • Alright my lovelies, heads up! The ex and I along with Unicorn, hopefully... Will be heading over to FL2 Tomorrow, 5/3 around 11:30am & staying until 20males or so. This is going to nearly be a free for all day! Bi single men , Bi couples, BBC, BWC, Transgender, etc. Also, BB for creampie to the front!
    groups.wall 10:55 PM
  • Would you be interested in me and my wife being there? Both of us are Bi, so she can make out and eat pussy of any other female there as well as the guys can fuck her in any of her 3 holes. Being Bi myself, I love to suck and swallow, lick and suck balls and eat ass. I can take a 6 inch cock in my ass and love to fuck as well.
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  • April 18 - count me in !
    groups.wall 07:44 AM
  • Thank you
    I am also working a smaller affair,Sat 4/4. I am only looking for 6 men! oral, anal and pussy fucking are on the table for my cumslut.
    groups.wall 11:50 PM
    bige2k777 I'd love to join! We met about a month ago at FL1.32 days ago
  • I still need 11 good men for a GB, Saturday,April 18 8-10pm
    groups.wall 08:28 PM
    Canary12 I'll be there anyways for Unicorns B-day17 days ago
  • Been getting a lot of PMs from females interested in GB's . .

    If I get a solid 2 or 3 to confirm we can do one before March is even over!
    groups.wall 10:54 AM
    Endowed169 We have the females lined up, looks like two separate dates. Will be finalizing this week!44 days ago
  • Here's a bang for you, how about a fist-bang for the babe that wants that very full feeling, In fact PM me if you're game...let's get gaping!
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  • Ok guys, getting down to the wire! Do Who is coming to join me at FL 1 tomorrow night to cuck my ex and gang bang me?? I need huge cocks, 8" or bigger, bi men are top of the list as I want him to fluff for me. Bareback heavily preferred, he loves eating creampies! So HMU and let me know, even if if you've already offered. I need a final head count! 2/13 @5:00pm!
    groups.wall 04:29 PM
    profresh Damn Damn Damn. Gotta be to work at 4pm.80 days ago
  • Loosely interested in a small gang bang if I can get the perfect group together.
    groups.wall 10:02 PM
    Endowed169 im the man that organizes the "perfect groups" lol48 days ago
  • It's been awhile since I've hosted one of my epic GB's..... If we get some Female interest, I'd love to host another one!
    groups.wall 09:41 AM
    Endowed169 Location is usually in Tampa within 10 mins of FL .. Interest came and went, so if ladies actually want a quality amazing fun GB, lets get the plans start moving back up.84 days ago
  • Hubby and i will be making first trip to fl this weekend. in search of a few hung men,and maybe another woman to do this with me to ease my nerves. looking forward to this weekend!
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  • Looks like you have at least 13 volunteers here. GF still interested?
    groups.discussion.reply 10:56 PM
  • In orlando, count me in
    groups.discussion.reply 10:23 PM
  • We will be in Tampa in early/mid March. Want to show off, gang bang. FL!. BBC and BWC needed. Be in touch!
    groups.wall 01:14 AM
    flashy2 We will be in Tampa March 12, 13, 14. Want to get slutty one of those nights at FL!. Contact us if interested.84 days ago
  • Tomorrow, 6 pm FL 1.... Gang bang, all BBC and BWC are welcome to get down and bang me! I'm also using this opportunity to turn my ex into the cuck boy he should be! 8 inches or bigger please, I'm dying to be gang banged!!
    groups.wall 10:21 PM
    Smoaks82 Yes, just running a bit late. Expect us around 6:3098 days ago
  • Dang it, I'm skinny with a big cock, but I'm black. 2 out of 3 ain't bad.
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    tonistroke Diddo bro99 days ago
  • Gang bang at my house today in St. Petersburg. Looking for skinny white guys with big cocks or other couples.
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    Endowed169 im in89 days ago
  • Here in Orlando and interested. Kik me at maduro2001
    groups.discussion.reply 07:37 PM
  • Hey all!!
    I am bring The Ex to BOTH FL locations TOMORROW!!!
    Starts @3pm at FL2 playtime until 5pm. Dinner break, then FL1 until 9pm!!!
    I am looking for BBC mostly, but I won't turn down any Big Cocks***
    Looking for all, who are willing to ride BB, give creampies!! Please be ok with The Ex fluffing you, and cleaning up after, with possible involvement while we fuck!
    groups.wall 10:45 PM
  • Hello all!!! The Ex and I had sooo much fun the other day while we at FL 2, that we’ve decided… again, sorry for the short n ...
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  • I am so in the mood for some public sex
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    GirlsJUSTwannaHAVEfun! Mmmmm, love public89 days ago
  • I will be hosting a gangbang at my home in south tampa this upcoming Saturday Jan. 3rd..already have several couples and single ladies signed up..please pm for more information..if I do not respond to you, I am very sorry as I am not on this site frequently, but will try to respond to everyone! Have a great day everyone and hope you all get fucked! :)
    groups.wall 12:22 PM
    Is this still happening?121 days ago
  • would love to get in on this ...I have girls I can bring and set up to gangbanged as well
    groups.wall 07:35 PM
  • I'm in!
    groups.wall 07:08 PM
  • maybe tonight??? let us know if interested for private invite message..
    groups.wall 04:55 PM
Looking for couples, single women, and men who like gang bangs. While not having fun at fantasyland we can set up a hotel room and host women of all shapes and sizes to have adult fun while men of all shapes and sizes put the pussy to task and fill any hole the women wants. Couple and women would choose what type of fun they would want then post a message to the group for guys to join in on the fun. Remember during a gang bang the women of honor or couple of honor calls the shots.
Tuesday, 04 January 2011 by nicknamedan
Anyone interested in an offsite hotel gang bang? Thursday in the afternoon early evening in Seffner.

Two women already confirmed. Many men already.

Looking for more women and couples before signing up more guys.

To all who are interested let me know. E-mail me and put in the subject line "OFFSITE GB"

Thursday, 18 November 2010 by nicknamedan
Here's a bang for you, how about a fist-bang for the babe that wants that very full feeling, In fact PM me if you're game...let's get gaping!
Last replied by workitinn on Tuesday, 17 March 2015
Looks like you have at least 13 volunteers here. GF still interested?
Last replied by Maduro2001 on Monday, 26 January 2015
Sounds like fun.. Count me in
Last replied by Jwr630 on Friday, 19 December 2014
Would be very interested in attending live close to Orlando
Last replied by gangban99 on Friday, 12 December 2014
We are right there with you. We live at the tip of the 4 corners. My wife is a bit submissive and would enjoy a good gangbang. If one is to be set-up and want a second female, please let us know. Or if you just want to swing and swap, let us know. Our email is
Last replied by total sexual freaks on Tuesday, 09 December 2014
How was your visit?
Last replied by ttaylor237 on Saturday, 22 November 2014
Last replied by Unicorn on Thursday, 19 June 2014
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